How to get a student loan

The modern student lives on the money of parents or earns money in parallel with his studies. Combining a work day with a school study does not provide an opportunity to work full time and receive decent wages. Those who are assisted by parents also have financial difficulties.  How to get a student loan? Under […]

Online loan without collateral

This type of lending, which is not secured by a security or a guarantee, has a number of characteristics. They should know the person who plans to apply for money in debt. Without any security, you can easily take out a consumer loan only to spend the amount you buy on a particular type of […]

Get a loan with current installments

Loan repayment is a great option for reducing the financial burden. Borrowers trying to solve the problem of lack of free funds with the help of a loan, often take it on unfavorable terms, which is why there are late payments. In order to avoid this, it is possible to refinance at another bank, where […]

Loans Without Income Statements

If we were to go back in time for about 10 years, it would be impossible to get a loan without income certificates at that time. Not if we talk about loans granted by banks, because non-banking loan companies have already accustomed us to giving loans without presenting income documents. At present, however, we will […]

Debt Consolidation: Loan repayment without private credit

Bank customers can repost an existing loan without asking a private credit request. The prerequisite is usually that they take their new loan from a foreign bank, as the German banks with each borrowing in principle make a routine request to the private credit. Contrary to popular belief, not all domestic banks reject any credit request […]

Debt consolidation: explanation, example and simulation

You borrowed, but your debt was quite reasonable given your income. But, you have suffered a decline in income and you have trouble balancing your finances because your debts have accumulated. Know that if your income does not reach a sufficient level again, you can solve your problem by applying for a credit for debt […]

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